Biogas storage bag in Cylinder


Name: Biogas storage bag

Style: Cylinder

Volume: 3.5m³

Size: 2m L, 1.5m Dia

Material: Red Mud PVC/0.9mm or 1.2mm thickness

Weight: 19KG

MOQ: 10pcs


1. Hot-melt Coating technology(Semi-coating).

2. Good peeling strength for welding.

3. Outstanding tearing strength.

4. Flame retardant character.(optional)

5. Anti ultraviolet treatment(UV).(optional)

6. Acrylic treatment (optional).

7.Temperature resistance: -40~60°C

8.Service life: 15-18 Years

9. Acceptable pressure range: 0Kpa-10Kpa

10. Foldable, Reusable, Transportable

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